Graduation 2012

WITT Art, Design and Media wishes to congratulate all of our 2012 Bachelor of Visual Arts and Diploma in Creative Technologies graduates. The ceremony was held on 25 May 2012, with Suzanne Porter and Lance Girling-Butcher as the guest speakers. See below the photos for a complete list of graduates.

A big thank-you to Nic King for allowing us to publish her photos of the parade. If you have photos of graduation that you would like to share, please email them to us here at WITT.


Bachelor of Visual Arts graduates

  • Dorothy Andrews
  • Robert Bailey
  • Jennifer Bielawski
  • Jendi Coxhead
  • Rachael Gordge
  • Holly Harre (Top Academic Student BVA – Graphic Design Major)
  • Julia Holland
  • Mary-Ellen Jull
  • Jason Kyle (Top Academic Student BVA – Computer Graphics Major)
  • Beth Mackenzie
  • Karen McDell
  • Siobhan McLeod-Davis
  • Jacqueline Mann
  • Rachel Moffitt
  • Paula Newton
  • Carmen Rogers (Top Academic Student BVA – Fine Arts Major)
  • Candra Thomson
  • Nathaniel Turner
  • Karena Winnie

Diploma of Creative Technologies graduates

  • Alicia Burdett
  • Sherryl Henning
  • Hailey Jurd (Top Academic Student)
  • Ian Hitch
  • Angel Sagar

Diploma of Fashion graduates

  • Ian Hitch
  • Clare Phillips

National Diploma in Journalism

  • Steven Dixon
  • Jamie Fenton
  • Hannah Fleming (June Litman Best Overall Student Award and Likeminds Taranaki Award for Mental Health Reporting)
  • Rebecca Gibson
  • Michelle Tan-Jackson
  • Zaryd Wilson