The Great (Egg) Race!

Students from Business, Computing and Creative Graphics today took part in The Great (Egg) Race which had them deciphering clues and running all over campus in their quest to win.

With the three disciplines combined there were over 60 students taking part, with each team responsible for the care and well-being of….an egg! First task saw them making a carrier for their precious cargo. Then it was on with the race around campus to find the library, the admin, the health clinic, their classrooms, the cafeteria, registry, carparks, and discovered that there are 75 steps from the lower carpark. And of course there were games and activities along the way. They had to draw around each other on huge pieces of paper, decorate their eggs, play a ping-pong-bingo game, make origami water-bombs, write a limerick at The Garage cafe and also photograph their egg in locations along the race as proof!

Here are some shots from the prize-giving:

Above: a well-travelled egg.

Above: a happy student about to start her studies.

Above: CEO Richard Handley congratulates the contestants.

Above: Richard Handley presenting the quickest and winning team with their prize.

Above: The finish-line!

Above: A station marker – this one is right at the end where teams signed in.

Above: students/contestants at the prize-giving.

Above: a different egg-protection scheme.

Above: It’s all worthwhile when their is a lot of chocolate at the end of the race!

Above: The Three Tutors, left to right: Mary-Ellen Batchelor (Business Admin), Corrina Crawford (Business Admin) and Vicki Catlow (Creative Graphics).