Inglewood Students Design Day

Yesterday the students from Yr 9 and 10 art at Inglewood came to take part in the lettering design workshop. With their teachers Clare Tate and Sally-May Hopper, the students seemed to have a great time and we had lots of fun too. Here are some pics of the day’s activities:

The Inglewood High School students (standing in the Certificate of Photography exhibition):

Work gets started – planning letters:

Working with vintage buttons:

Using lollies and beads:

Sometimes taking photos required going to great heights:

Rocks harvested from the garden:

The biggest letter of the day, made out of school bags:

An origami “J”:

Working with wood blocks and coffee beans:

Learning to use Photoshop to clear-cut and re-mix the letters:

Finished prints, from the commercial digital printer:


Spotswood Students Design Day

Creating your own lettering? From scratch? Out of pasta and buttons and origami and metal? Why, that sounds like fun!

Spotswood College students Sophie, Sam, Ruth, Meg, Dione, Brooke, Larissa, Joanne, Jeremy, and Ashleigh got straight into planning and developing their letters. Each student created large scale custom-lettering out of a variety of objects.

Then it was time to photograph them…

Spotswood teacher Tracy helping out with a letter made entirely of plastic drinking straws.

Using the studio lights to make the images in the slides nice and bright.

Working with pasta.

A beautiful letter Q, made out of pasta spirals.

Donna (tutor) helping out in the computer lab.

Vicki (tutor) printing the finished pieces for everyone.

Philippa’s (tutor) attempt at custom-lettering.

Students working in the computer lab.

Some of the finished prints. Not bad for only 3hrs start to finish!

A great bunch of students, we loved having you all come to visit and hope you had fun!