New. Shiny. Beautiful

So there is a delightful surprise awaiting students tomorrow morning. Our new Apple iMacs have arrived!

Here’s a sneak peak to get your heart going:

Gorgeous new iMacs, making our Mac Media Suite now the highest-spec classroom on campus!

Who gets to use them, you might be wondering? Well, if you are an enrolled student then YOU DO! Ask you tutor to schedule time for your class in here. We want all students to experience the Mac platform as well as Windows PC.

How soon can you get your mits on them? Well there is still a bit of setting up and tidying up to do, but should be happening this week for timetabled classes.

Wow! WITT Art Student do the Harlem Shake!

It’s the first day of Semester One and all the Art Students gathered for a big welcome in F Block. And then, being Art Students, they did the Harlem Shake, as you do:

We have the largest Arts cohort ever this year with over 60 students! This is simply fantastic and already there is a positive atmosphere on campus.

This year is going to be fantastic with upgrades to some of our facilities, a brand new tutor, and so much potential standing there waving their arms all about.

We are really looking forward to seeing what amazing designs and artworks you will create.

Have an enjoyable year and study hard!