“Alla prima” painting

Visual Arts tutor Donna Willard-Moore devised a tasty way to learn about alla prima (all first) painting.

Above: student Nadine Savage works on her alla prima panel.

She had her students carefully organise a plate of pastries which they would then use as subjects for their paintings. All paintings were done in an hour and a half. This method encourages the students to work quickly and use the textures made with thick paint, by brush and palette knife to construct a likeness of the pastry. The best bit? Getting to eat the sweet treats after the painting is done!

Above: student Myf Ruakere-Spring lays down the base colour on her alla prima panel.

Great fun and good motivation to paint quickly and directly.


Design students visit SpecialEyes Studio

Senior design students from the Print and Web Media classes braved the rainy weather to visit SpecialEyes Studio in Inglewood today.

Above: Natasha Downes (designer), Alex Dodunski, Steve Wilson (Director), Layton Otene, Ashley De Grey, Rozelda van der Watt, Dan Southorn, and Philippa Berry Smith (tutor).

Above: Natasha Downes (Designer), Alex Dodunski, Sarah Paul (Operations Manager), Layton Otene, Ashley De Grey, Rozelda van der Watt, Dan Southorn, and Philippa Berry Smith (Tutor).

Absent from photos: Grace Baker (Designer) and Rusty the *enormous* cat lion.

A big thanks to Steve and his team for showing us around your studio and sharing your project work with us!

Design students visit TGM Design

Design students from our Print Media 2 class travelled to TGM Design today. We met with Andrea Leadbetter, director, and she kindly toured us around the studio, introduced us to the designers and admin folks, plus most importantly: how to operate the coffee machine!

Above: (L to R) Andrea Leadbetter, Layton Otene, Philippa Berry Smith (tutor), Ashley De Grey, Morgan Hancock, Alex Dodunski, Jaimee Tarrant, Rozelda van der Watt, and Dan Southorn.

Thank you to Andrea and her team for sharing time and expertise with us. It’s really good for our DCT students to make contact with people from the design industry.


A round of applause to celebrate our newest graduates from the Diploma of Creative Technologies:

From left: Karl Jury, Natasha Downes, Sarah Paul, and Denise Whitmore. (In absentia: Kelly Pascoe and Connor Harding-Parkes)

Congratulations guys, you each worked your guts out! From us here at WITT Art, Design and Media we wish you all the best for your future creative endeavours.