Being a WITT student

What is it like to be an Art Student at WITT?

One of the most important things you will be considering when choosing a tertiary institute will be “is this place the right fit for me?”

We thought the best people to tell you what it’s like would be the students themselves. So we asked a selection of students to talk to you about their experiences here at WITT Art, Media and Design. Here’s what they had to say:

What did you expect WITT Art, Design and Media to offer you?

  • I thought it would be good to be able to stay with my family, and not have to leave home to study.
  • I came here because of I really wanted to learn more about painting. There are some fun painting and drawing classes where I can try new things.
  • Well, I think it was really, for me, an expectation that I could study and get a good education. One that would prepare me for getting a good job.

What is it like working on projects for your classes?

  • The projects can take a lot of time and patience to understand, but when I get it then I’m really happy.
  • It’s lots of fun, we get a lot of help and support, and we learn a lot of new things. I don’t know if I could have got the same skills anywhere else.
  • Being able to work across different areas is good, like I can work on my photography class, and then use what I’ve learnt in my Photoshop class, plus combine drawing and painting together. It’s really open and I enjoy the way I can spend time experimenting.
  • We do a lot of field trips, like visiting the printers and things. It’s cool to be able to talk with them and know that what I’m learning in class is practical stuff for the industry.

How do you find it working with your tutors?

  • Really good. They support me in my work.
  • We have some cool conversations, talking about all sorts of things. It’s great to be able to share my ideas.
  • They know a lot of stuff. I can ask them any question and usually they know. But if they don’t, then we work together to figure it out which I like.

What are you planning to use your skills for after you finish study?

  • I studied the Certificate in Creative Graphics. We learned about video and graphic design and stuff. I passed that and now I’m doing the Certificate in Creative Technologies which is another 6 months, but I’m hoping with that I will be able to enter the Diploma [of Creative Technologies]. I really want to get the Diploma, and then I can get a job in graphic design.
  • When I took video as an elective for the DCT [Diploma of Creative Technologies] I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. But now I really love it and I got good grades for my assignments. I entered a film festival and that was a lot of fun. Now I am hoping to get a job with a film crew, maybe an independent film company or something.
  • More study! I’m normally a really hands-on person – like, I like to do printing and things where I get my hands dirty. But in the Diploma of Creative Technologies I learned how to take some of that traditional artwork and combine it into my design work. We had a class where we had to work with a client and do the graphic design for them, which I really enjoyed. I plan to go down to WelTec and do my final year there, so I get the BCT [Bachelor of Creative Technologies]. It’s good that WITT allows you to do that; do most of the study here at home, and then finish off in Wellington. I probably wouldn’t have been able to get a degree otherwise.