Come and check out the Certificate in Photography Graduate Exhibition opening on November 16th at 6.00pm at WITT F Block (Arts Building), 20 Bell St. This year there are eight students exhibiting from the Certificate in Photography. Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with our progress:

-Open daily, 10am – 4pm
-Closes Friday 30th November
-Click to view a map of the campus

Exhibiting Students

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Sarah DavisAbbey RoweCarmela SnooksClare Richardson

Kate DouglasMelissa McQuiagMichelle GallichanTiffany Marshall


Meaning behind the exhibition name

Our exhibition name Cartelle was created from two different words. Cartel is a word used to describe an organisation, as we are a small class of 8 students we used this word as the basis of our exhibition name. We then added “elle” to the end of cartel to create “Cartelle”, this added a feminine touch to the name which we found was very fitting considering our class was comprised of all females.

What does the Certificate in Photography involve?

Our Certificate in Photography gives you an in-depth introduction to the technical and theoretical aspects of photography. With award-winning tutor Chris Hill leading the programme, and specialist artists and designers brought in to complete your skill-set, this qualification is fun and exciting. You will be ready to enter the industry and create amazing imagery.

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