Student Art Sale and Open Day

WITT is opening it’s doors, 17th and 18th of June to the public and schools. Come along and learn about our qualifications while exploring the campus.

WITT Art, Design and Media is hosting a student art sale – nothing is over $100, and all work is by current students. Lots of wonderful work at very affordable prices. Come and support your local art students!

WHERE? WITT Campus, 20 Bell St, F block (art dept), 10 – 4pm Friday and 11 – 3pm Saturday.


Artwork by Shane Nolan


Artwork by Alice Blinkhorne



Artwork by Heidi Singe


Cute stickers for our Open Day and Student Art Sale


2015 Exhibitions are OPEN!

Our student exhibitions are open! Come and view TILT the Diploma of Creative Technologies exhibition, and Xposed the Certificate in Photography exhibition.

F Block, 20 Bell Street, WITT Campus New Plymouth. Open to the public from 10am – 4pm daily, 14 Nov – 26 Nov.

Check out some portraits of the exhibiting artists and photographers here.

Art Auction Fundraiser

Fitzroy Kindergarten’s Great Art Auction

Here at Fitzroy Kindergarten we are highly reliant on fundraising to be able to deliver a truly awesome preschool education to the children of Taranaki, and this year we are raising money for computers and maintenance.

Our upcoming fundraising event is The Great Art Auction and the committee is anticipating a sell-out crowd of approximately 120 art enthusiasts from our community. In order to ensure the success of this very important fundraiser, we are seeking donations from local artists. This can be in any medium, paintings, photographs, ceramics or jewellery for example. Generous donors are the key to our fundraising success and your donation will greatly enhance our auction and help raise much needed funds.

The Great Art Auction will be held on Saturday 7th November at the Fitzroy Surf Life Saving Club with doors opening at 6:30pm. We will be selling tickets to the event which will include silent auctions and a live auction. Nibbles and a free wine or juice will be provided to guests on entry and there will be a bar to purchase alcohol. Artwork by Fitzroy Kindergarten children will also be on sale.

Your donation will be listed in our event program and each contributor will have a prominent mention throughout the evening. You will also be promoted through our newsletter as well as on the Kindergarten Facebook page and added publicity leading up to the event. We have a submission date of 1st October for donations to ensure all our artists gain the publicity they deserve.

We will be happy to pick up your donation or it can be delivered to Fitzroy Kindergarten. Please feel free to contact me ( with any questions. All funds raised go directly toward the kindergarten and we hope that we can count on your support. With your contribution we can make our kindergarten a fun and creative place to learn and help shape the lives of our Taranaki children.

Thank you for your time and kind consideration.


Terri Edwards,

Fitzroy Kindergarten Committee Member


String Drawing Workshop with Waitara High School

Last week WITT Art, Design and Media hosted a class of Waitara High School art students for a string drawing workshop, with WITT tutor Ged Guy. The students learnt drawing techniques using non-traditional materials, and got to experiment with creating a drawing up on the wall. Several WITT Art students’ had their large scale work-in-progress on display as exemplars for the Waitara students. Many thanks to Waitara art teacher Amber McFadyen for bringing this creative bunch to visit!

String Drawings

Students were asked use alternative materials (rather than the traditional pencil and charcoal) to convey contemporary drawing concepts. As well as using non-traditional drawing media, students also had to look at creating different sized works – one wall-sized and one small work. This senior class, led by tutor and HoD Ged Guy, is part of the Diploma of Creative Technologies.

Above and below: Jessie Allen

Above: Natasha Waterson

Above: Ebony Canwell-Walker

Above: Matt Barnes

Above: Will Bennett

Above: Josh Sands

Above and below: Olivia Nielsen

Above: Natasha Waterson

Above: Linda Barbour

Above: Holly Burman

Above and below: Ryan Clark

Above and below: Courtney Oliver

Above and below: Billy Ray Smith

Above and below: Matt Harland

Above and below: Jessamae Zamora

Art Open Day Feb 2014

Are you considering a creative career?

WITTart is having an open day where prospective students can come along and meet the tutors. You can learn about the different courses we offer and explore our fantastic arts facilities. It’s not too late to enrol for 2014!

We have courses from 6 months through to 2 years, and you can study certificates or diploma level. Courses cover topics such as photography, graphic design, printmaking, sculpture, painting, drawing, computer graphics, animation, web design, video, and theory.

Come along Tuesday 18th February

F Block – WITT campus

10am – 3pm

Got a question? Can’t make it in? Call the Art Department (06) 7587178 extension 8778

Typography field trip to TATATM Museum

Yesterday the Typography 1 class took a trip out to the Taranaki Aviation and Technology Museum (TATATM). We were kindly looked after by Alan Penfold, Colin Ansell, and Rob Clarkson. Special thanks also go to Terry Foster who helped organise this event.

The day involved each student hand-setting a quote in metal type, then printing a proof. Students were expected to create a concept sketch to work from, and select their typeface/s from either the handset metal type or Ludlow hot type options.

Above: a piece of hot type.

Above: students working out which typefaces to use for their design.

Above: Alan introducing student to lead type.

Above: a font. This one is Univers.

Above: Alan shows Tasha how to use a composing stick to make a line of lead type.

Above: Rob helps students find and select typefaces.

Above: Dion and Chloe begin to compose their first lines of lead type.

Above: Mae composing a line of type.

Above: The word “start” in the composing stick.

Above: Using leading and furniture to space out the lines of type.

Above: Dez working on her concept design, which Billy and Ryan plan their designs.

Above: Temple chose a Ludlow hot type typeface, and is being shown how to set a line by Colin.

Above: The Intertype and Linotype machines.

Above: a typecase.

Above: Jaycee and Shannon selecting lead type from the typecases.

Above: an example of the decorative ornaments available. This one is a pointing hand.

Above: Colin casting a line of hot type on the Ludlow.

Above: Tasha holds a very warm “K”.

Above: Ryan sets out his lead type using a script typeface.

Above: changing fonts is heavy work! Here Ryan swaps his font for the fourth time… kept finding there were letters missing!

Above: using a roller to ink-up the type in the proof press.

Above: placing paper on the freshly inked type.

Above: Rolling the roller over the type to make an impression.

Above: Chloe was the first to proof-print her design.

Above: Tasha inking up the roller.

Above: and placing the paper.

Above: using the press.

Above: Ta-da!

Above: Rob assisting Aaron with his Ludlow type.

Above: A busy class hard at work. It was cold in the workshop but the amount of activity kept us warm! Spot your tutor for extra points.

Above: cleaning ink off the metal type.

Above: Rob brushes dust off some metal type prior to inking it.

Above: Elle with her freshly-printed design.

Above: Ebony working the ink roller like a pro.

Above: a design all tied up with string and ready to print.

Above: Mae inking up the roller, watched on by Colin.

Above: proof prints next to the metal type.

Above: Billy using the proofing press to print…


Above: all sorts. Used for spacing out metal type.

Above: a typecase handle.

Above: inside a typecase.

Above: Alan helping Ryan find suitable sized spacing material.

Above: a 1923 Type Specimen book.

Above: Laughter as we see just how backwards Billy’s typesetting really is!

Above: Lisa’s design uses a heated embossing powder to make it shiny.

Above: the whole crew. Left to right: Ryan, Lisa, Dion, Billy, Jaycee, Tasha, Alan, Chloe, Dez, Colin, Elle, Mae, Ebony, Shannon, Aaron, Temple, and Rob. Philippa is behind the camera.

A big THANK YOU to the friendly guys at TATATM for allowing us to come and experience hand-set lead type. A wonderful experience.

As part of their Creative Technologies class, students formed a band! Their debut performance was captured by Dominika Zielinska, one of our Certificate of Photography students.

“Alla prima” painting

Visual Arts tutor Donna Willard-Moore devised a tasty way to learn about alla prima (all first) painting.

Above: student Nadine Savage works on her alla prima panel.

She had her students carefully organise a plate of pastries which they would then use as subjects for their paintings. All paintings were done in an hour and a half. This method encourages the students to work quickly and use the textures made with thick paint, by brush and palette knife to construct a likeness of the pastry. The best bit? Getting to eat the sweet treats after the painting is done!

Above: student Myf Ruakere-Spring lays down the base colour on her alla prima panel.

Great fun and good motivation to paint quickly and directly.