2015 Exhibitions are OPEN!

Our student exhibitions are open! Come and view TILT the Diploma of Creative Technologies exhibition, and Xposed the Certificate in Photography exhibition.

F Block, 20 Bell Street, WITT Campus New Plymouth. Open to the public from 10am – 4pm daily, 14 Nov – 26 Nov.

Check out some portraits of the exhibiting artists and photographers here.

“Alla prima” painting

Visual Arts tutor Donna Willard-Moore devised a tasty way to learn about alla prima (all first) painting.

Above: student Nadine Savage works on her alla prima panel.

She had her students carefully organise a plate of pastries which they would then use as subjects for their paintings. All paintings were done in an hour and a half. This method encourages the students to work quickly and use the textures made with thick paint, by brush and palette knife to construct a likeness of the pastry. The best bit? Getting to eat the sweet treats after the painting is done!

Above: student Myf Ruakere-Spring lays down the base colour on her alla prima panel.

Great fun and good motivation to paint quickly and directly.