TGM Design Studio Field Trip

Some of the brochures, we love the candy!

This week our senior Print Media 2 class got to take a filed trip out to meet with local industry. We spoke with Leanne Hodge, a digital specialist from TGM Creative.

TGM Creative specialises in print and web design for their clients, so it was great to see the designers in action, learn about client-communication techniques, and for the students to get a chance to pick the brains of an industry specialist. Thanks Leanne for taking the time to talk with us!

2015 Exhibitions are OPEN!

Our student exhibitions are open! Come and view TILT the Diploma of Creative Technologies exhibition, and Xposed the Certificate in Photography exhibition.

F Block, 20 Bell Street, WITT Campus New Plymouth. Open to the public from 10am – 4pm daily, 14 Nov – 26 Nov.

Check out some portraits of the exhibiting artists and photographers here.

Design Student Field Trip

Senior design students from the Print Media 2 and Web Media 2 classes joined together for a field trip of local industry. We were delighted to visit TGM Design and Razz Print. A big thank your to Andrea and Roland for giving the students tours of your studios.

Above, left to right: Elle Brennan, Jessie Allen, Andrea Leadbetter (TGM Design), Ethan Ranford-Nickson, Philippa Berry Smith (Tutor), Mae Zamora, Jaycee Burwell, Chloe Reid, and Christine Baylis.

Above: students at TGM Design surrounding designer Julia Berry (seated).

Above: Our visit to Razz Print, with students standing in front of the offset printing press. Left to right: Philippa Berry Smith (Tutor), Mae Zamora (front), Roland Woods (Owner), Chloe Reid (back), Elle Brennan, Jaycee Burwell (back eyes closed sorry Jaycee!), Jessie Allen, Christine Baylis, Ethan Ranford-Nickson (who is standing on a step and is not a giant!), Dave the printer (obscured).

Design students visit SpecialEyes Studio

Senior design students from the Print and Web Media classes braved the rainy weather to visit SpecialEyes Studio in Inglewood today.

Above: Natasha Downes (designer), Alex Dodunski, Steve Wilson (Director), Layton Otene, Ashley De Grey, Rozelda van der Watt, Dan Southorn, and Philippa Berry Smith (tutor).

Above: Natasha Downes (Designer), Alex Dodunski, Sarah Paul (Operations Manager), Layton Otene, Ashley De Grey, Rozelda van der Watt, Dan Southorn, and Philippa Berry Smith (Tutor).

Absent from photos: Grace Baker (Designer) and Rusty the *enormous* cat lion.

A big thanks to Steve and his team for showing us around your studio and sharing your project work with us!

Senior Print Media Students Celebrate

Today our Senior Print Media students celebrated the halfway point of the semester with presentations of their project work and…


One design student, Ashley De Grey, used her self-identity and branding project to create a brand for cake decorating business. And she kindly brought in a sumptuous chocolate cake for us all to savour. Yummy!

Students below, left to right: Ashley De Grey, Morgan Hancock, Jaimee Tarrant, Rozelda van der Watt, Alex Dodunski, and Layton Otene. Each holding an item from the brand they have created, including logo design, business cards, and various other branded collateral items.

New. Shiny. Beautiful

So there is a delightful surprise awaiting students tomorrow morning. Our new Apple iMacs have arrived!

Here’s a sneak peak to get your heart going:

Gorgeous new iMacs, making our Mac Media Suite now the highest-spec classroom on campus!

Who gets to use them, you might be wondering? Well, if you are an enrolled student then YOU DO! Ask you tutor to schedule time for your class in here. We want all students to experience the Mac platform as well as Windows PC.

How soon can you get your mits on them? Well there is still a bit of setting up and tidying up to do, but should be happening this week for timetabled classes.

Spotswood Students Design Day

Creating your own lettering? From scratch? Out of pasta and buttons and origami and metal? Why, that sounds like fun!

Spotswood College students Sophie, Sam, Ruth, Meg, Dione, Brooke, Larissa, Joanne, Jeremy, and Ashleigh got straight into planning and developing their letters. Each student created large scale custom-lettering out of a variety of objects.

Then it was time to photograph them…

Spotswood teacher Tracy helping out with a letter made entirely of plastic drinking straws.

Using the studio lights to make the images in the slides nice and bright.

Working with pasta.

A beautiful letter Q, made out of pasta spirals.

Donna (tutor) helping out in the computer lab.

Vicki (tutor) printing the finished pieces for everyone.

Philippa’s (tutor) attempt at custom-lettering.

Students working in the computer lab.

Some of the finished prints. Not bad for only 3hrs start to finish!

A great bunch of students, we loved having you all come to visit and hope you had fun!