Diploma of Creative Technologies


This Diploma is suitable for those who want to gain a broad knowledge and specific skills in the creative fields. The diploma offers specialisation in either visual arts (painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture) or digital media (photography, print media, web media, digital film, television and animation).

What is the programme like?

This course runs for 2 years. During this time students study a set of core papers, then select from a large range of elective papers. Students are encouraged to follow their creative strengths when selecting electives. Generally, there are 2 or more creative projects per paper. This project-based work aims to mimic industry situations, while providing a chance for students to get feedback and critique on their work. Classes are held four days a week, and you are encouraged to use your free day to work on class projects.

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What does the Diploma of Creative Technologies prepare you for?

The skills and experience you gain here will allow you to proceed to Level 7 study at WelTec (Wellington) where you can complete the third year of the Bachelor of Creative Technologies. With 2 years to stretch your creative muscles, you will be able to begin to specialise in your creative passion. This diploma will also ready you to work as a web or graphic designer, photographer, videographer, or fine artist.

For full details on this course please see the main WITT website.

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