Exhibition Foreword

Geraldine GuyThe 2011 Bachelor of Visual Arts graduate exhibition is a significant event. It’s an event open to the public. Open to the professionals. Open to those with an opinion.

Finally, those long hours of absence (and the overdraft) are explained. It’s a nervous time.

It’s also the time to farewell the seventeen graduates exhibiting in this 2011 show.

This is a spectacular exhibition. Perhaps the best in the Bachelor of Visual Art’s ten year history.  A history that has consistently delivered some outstanding graduate exhibitions.  The venues may have changed, the tutors come and gone, but the students still display the same sense of purpose, inner conviction and pride in seeing their work finally on show.

It takes many hours of planning, preparation and research to generate and resolve work to this level. It requires focus, concentration and a lot of internal drive. It’s not a soft option as some may believe.

Achievements are not always definable or immediate.  And the adversaries are many. They emerge as ‘doubt’- doubt in your ability (my ten year old could do that), doubt in your career choice (you won’t make any money), and doubt in your outcomes (what is it?).

This doubt will only serve to harden the resolve to succeed. And succeed they will and succeed they do. This 2011 graduate exhibition is one that masterfully farewells the final offering of this degree qualification.

On behalf of the Art staff at WITT we wish these graduating students a successful and exciting future.

By Geraldine Guy

Head of Discipline – Art, Design & Media

Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki