TILT and Xposed

The 2015 student exhibitions are open! Come and view them 14 Nov – 26 Nov, 10am – 4pm daily. Located in F Block on the WITT Campus, 20 Bell Street New Plymouth.

Portraits of TILT exhibition students:

Above: Alyse Mills, DCT

Above: Logan Hermanns, DCT

Above: Vallance Wrathall, DCT

Above: Kate Maree Thomas, DCT

Above: Pastel Hawaiki Hong, DCT

Above: Janick Peters, DCT

Above: Alyson Andrea Gondipon, DCT

Above: Harry Jull, DCT

Above: Jay Lewis, DCT

Above: Sarah Bishop, DCT

Above: Simon Cudmore, DCT

Above: Shane Nolan, DCT

Above: Hana Olsen, DCT

Above: Temple Rose Eiffe, DCT

Above: Laulani Maritz, DCT

Above: Dez Dromgool, DCT


Portraits of Xposed exhibition students:

Above: David Burroughs, CIP

Above: Heather Mattock, CIP

Above: Shari Gilbert, CIP

Above: Sharon Mace, CIP

Above: Danyelle Velvin-Scott, CIP


Congratulations to all exhibiting students! It has been a massive effort and we here at the WITT Art, Design and Media team are very proud of you!