NZ Certificate in Arts and Design

This qualification is designed for students interested in Visual Arts or Digital Media. It provides students with essential creative skills in design, drawing, animation and web and introduces Aotearoa New Zealand Art and Culture. Students can select a further class in either Visual Arts (painting, sculpture) or Moving Image (video). Individual student cultural perspective is supported.

What is the programme like?

Summary of how the programme runs, how many classes, how many tutors etc…

Classes are held four days a week, and you are encouraged to use your free day to work on class projects.

What does the Certificate in Arts and Design prepare you for?

The skills and experience you gain here will allow you to proceed to Level 5 study at WITT Art, Design and Media. You will be making decisions about which creative direction you want to work towards. This certificate will also enable you to work as a print assistant, gallery assistant, junior designer, or artist.

For full details on this course please see the main WITT website.

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