NZ Diploma in Art and Design lvl5


[subject to accreditation] This qualification is designed for learners who wish to further develop their practical conceptual skills and knowledge in arts, crafts and/or design.
The creative industries & cultural sector in Aotearoa NZ will benefit from graduates who can use research to inform, critique and present resolved work in simulated contexts. Graduates will be able to independently select and apply a range of processes in arts and/or design contexts.

What is the programme like?

This course runs for 1 year. During this time students study and develop a set of core skills. Project based work aims to mimic industry situations, while providing a chance for students to get feedback and critique on their work. Classes are held four days a week, and you are encouraged to extend yourself further with self directed study to work on your projects.


What does the Diploma in Art  & Design prepare you for?

The skills and experience you gain here will allow you to proceed to Level 6 study, where you can continue to expand your skills in your chosen discipline. With time to stretch your creative muscles, you will be able to begin to specialise in your creative passion. This diploma will also ready you to work as a graphic designer or fine artist.

For full details on this course please see the main WITT website.

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