Our Passion

There is no doubt about it – students and tutors at WITT Art, Design and Media are passionate about creativity. We can’t help it. We are driven to create, to design, and to think critically about the world around us.

As a group of people we are extraordinary. Together, tutors and students, we enjoy developing ideas and learning new things. Along the way we make some fantastic artwork.

On this page you can learn about the principles which underpin the way we operate.


Key Aims

Staff at WITT Art, Design and Media aim to:

  • Encourage creative practices and skills in our students and our community.
  • Foster critical, creative thinking and discussion between staff and students.
  • Enable our students to gain the skills they require to operate as successful artists, designers, journalists, or creative individuals.
  • Teach in accordance with current best practices, including the concept of Ako “to teach, to learn”.
  • Maintain professional standards of teaching across all creative disciplines.
  • Use research practices, professional experience, training, and upskilling to ensure students are always receiving current, accurate and quality information in their studies.
  • Work in line with the vision and values of WITT.
  • Respect our colleagues and our students equally.
  • Maintain the values of WITT:
    • demonstrate the courage to lead and make the right decisions for WITT and our students
    • to be responsible and accountable for our own actions
    • to continuously build a culture of quality and success
    • to respect and honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi
    • to uphold honesty and integrity in all things
    • to be flexible and innovative when challenged


Our Team

We are proud to be a team of passionate tutors – each and every one of us is experienced, knowledgeable, and qualified in our fields.

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Gallery of tutor artwork.