This page has information about various helpful services offered by WITT and WITT Art, Design and Media.

WITT Student Services

WITT Library

The WITT Library contains a fantastic selection of books, magazine, and other resources on the topics of art, design and media. The friendly staff are always happy to help. You can view the catalogue online, access WITT Moodle, check out the subject guides, and search the databases online. Visit the WITT library website.

Learning Support

The Learning Skills tutors are available to assist students in small groups or on a 1-1 basis to improve their study skills. This includes mature students who are returning to study, those who wish to improve their marks and those requiring catch-up skills for Maths. The learning skills tutors can be found at the Learning Centre L Block.


Information for Art Students

After Hours Access

If you wish to get after hours access to the computer labs (B202/B203), the darkroom, the video lab, the photography studio, the fabrication area, or the painting/drawing studios, please see Malavai at the Arts Administration office (C119) and complete an application form. You will be issued with a fob-key which allows you access to the building.

Please note: after hours access is not available for the machine shop, due to safety requirements. All students must be supervised at all times by the arts technician or other approved tutor when working in the machine shop.

Return of Student Work

All student work will be available for return or collection after ratification of results. Tutors will advise the relevant dates. Students are responsible for collecting and removing work from exhibitions and displays, unless otherwise negotiated.

Hireage of Equipment

The Faculty has a range of digital resources (cameras/tripods etc) available for students to borrow. Please see the Arts Technician if you wish to book these resources. A $50 bond applies and students will be required to complete an application and pay the fee at registry. If resources are returned in original order, the bond will be refunded to you by either cheque or direct credit into your bank account.

Print Allocations

A print allocation of $10 is given to all students on enrolment. Students enrolled in the arts programmes receive further funding due to assessment requirements. Additional allocations are made as follows for full-time students:

  • Diploma in Creative Technologies: $50 per year
  • Certificate in Arts and Design: $15 per year
  • Certificate in Digital Media and Design: $20 per 6 months

Full-time students will receive the additional funds which will be allocated to your computer account approximately four weeks after the programme has commenced. Additional printing credits can be loaded on your student card, at student expense, using cash/eftpos at the library.


You can view the Art, Design and Media timetables here.

Each student is sent a printed copy of their timetable at the start of each semester. Printed copies are also available at the Arts Admin office (C119), and they are displayed on the noticeboards outside the Art Tutor Office (F Block).

Programme Regulations

A copy of the Programme Regulations is available from the Arts Administration office (C119).


Attendance at all classes is expected of students. Students are required to be punctual but if delays are unavoidable please inform the tutor prior to class, or notify the Arts Administration office 757 3100 extension 8780 or your tutor before the class begins. It is the student’s responsibility to catch up on work missed. As a courtesy we would like to hear from you if you are unwell and unable to attend classes. You can either call the arts administration office or send a text to 027 826 4407 and include your name and which tutor you would to inform of your absence.