Being a student at WITT Art, Design and Media can be hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun! It’s hard work because as an artist or designer, you will need to practice your craft and hone your techniques. At the same time it will be fun, since it’s not everyday that you get the opportunity to create beautiful paintings, to make your own typeface, to explore ancient printmaking techniques, or share your creative ideas with a bunch of like minded individuals.

See what our students can make.

We are passionate about helping our students create the artwork that they want to make. It is important for students to explore the practices that fascinate them, and our foundation qualification, the NZ Certificate in Digital Media and Design (Level 3), is a great place to start if you are keen on gaining computer-based graphic skills.

For students interested in the visual (fine) arts or digital media, the Certificate in Arts and Design (Level 4), offers the chance to try many different tools and techniques, while gaining a solid core skill set.

For those students who are serious about their studies we recommend the Diploma of Creative Technologies (Level 5 and 6). This diploma offers specialisation in either Visual Arts or Digital Media, and allows students to investigate their creative practice in depth. Run in conjunction with WELTEC, this 2 year programme offers our students the chance to progress on to complete the final year of the Bachelor of Creative Technologies in Wellington. This arrangement offers clear benefits to Taranaki based students, the most obvious being a large potential cost-saving in accommodation costs.

Our courses range in time from 6 months to 2 years, so you will get to know your classmates well. It’s a great place to meet new friends and network with the arts community while you study. We also offer a variety of short courses throughout the year. Please check our blog for details, contact us, or check the local paper to see what is currently available.

Our small class sizes, excellent facilities, and experienced tutors mean you can gain a quality education in your choice of visual (fine) art, graphic design, photography, printmaking, web design, video, animation, painting, drawing, or 3D media.

If you are considering joining WITT Art, Design and Media you can expect to experience new things, to be pushed to your creative limits, and to create some extraordinary work. View artwork made by current and past students.

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A video by Certificate in Creative Graphics (Level 3) students, from 2010.