Here at WITT Art, Design and Media we like to get to know each of our students. All of our tutors are very approachable and happy to chat. We believe that successful study requires appropriate support for the student, and this starts with knowing who you’ll be working with during your time at WITT; your tutors. We are proud to have the newest art facility in the country and some of the best folks in the country working here.


Meet the Tutors

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Some of the WITT Art, Design and Media tutors


Art Facilities

Photos, video, and interactive panoramas of our new art studios.

WITT Art Studios - Main Atrium



Learn about resources that are helpful to art students studying at WITT.

  • Library – Learning Resource Centre: access thousands of books and magazines, as well as online resources. Our friendly WITT library staff will help you. The learning support centre offers help with literacy and numeracy. Contact the library directly or ask your tutor for advice.
  • Health and Wellness Centre: WITT offers a wide range of free health services to students, plus there is a counselling service and a chaplain on campus. Call into the health and wellness centre, ground floor of B Block.
  • Equipment lending: DSLR cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, video cameras, tripods, lights etc. All on a case by case basis, please talk to your tutor about what you need. You will need to sign out the equipment and return it on time.
  • After hours access: art students can access our facilities in the F Block complex art studios after hours with their swipe card or key fob. The digital labs in B Block are also available for after hours access. Contact your tutor, the arts administrator, or the Facilities desk to get your key fob.
  • High speed internet and WIFI: Here at WITT we are part of the KAREN high speed internet network. Expect quick on-campus connection to your favourite sites. WIFI (wireless) access is also available for your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. WIFI access codes are avaialble from the IT desk (B Block) or the library. You are welcome to bring your own laptop or tablet to class.
  • Student discounts: With your WITT student ID you have access to discounts at business all over Taranaki. You can also use your ID card to purchase student-version software at greatly reduced prices. Your programme coordinator will organise a time for your class to get Student ID cards done at the library.
  • Moodle – online learning: Some courses may offer sections of course material online, which you can access from home over the internet.
  • Digital production printer: Our graphic design students get a taste of professional printing with our large digital printer. Access is with your Student ID card.
  • Colour digital printers: scattered across campus, these printer allow you to do colour printing, copying, scanning etc. Access is with your Student ID card.
  • Vinyl Cutter: Practice your vector design skills with our vinyl cutter that makes large-format stickers suitable for application to walls, cars, signs etc.
  • Plotter: Print long graphics with this wide-format printer.
  • Wide-format photo printer: Huge photo-quality prints become accessible and cost-effective with our in-house printers.
  • Scanners: high-quality photo and document scanning is available to all art students. Contact your tutor for advice and tutorials on these devices.
  • Digital drawing tablets: a collection of pressure-sensitive digital drawing tablets is available to students working on computer-based artwork. Contact your tutor for access.


Tutor Gallery

View work by our tutors and our tutor show.
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